Mariana (Mexico)

To be honest I was thinking about getting a tattoo a long time ago and I was doing my research but I was kind of scared to get it because I’ve seen awful results and then I saw my brothers tattoo and I really liked it so that is why I reposted the giveaway thing and surprisingly I won. I liked how Eyesight took care of every detail, I gave him my idea and Eyesight gave me more than I was expecting.  In terms of the design, Eyesight were really careful, specially when I told him it was my first tattoo haha, I really liked the professionalism and how clean his space was, those little details are the ones I appreciate the most, specially when it comes to a clean place and probably a lot of people don’t really care about that but well, is a tattoo, the space must be clean and your place was really clean and nice! I can’t wait to get my next tattoo!!!