Why Now is the Best Time to get a tattoo

pexels-photo-2681631Summer is the season that the majority of us tend to get tattooed. Tattoo studios see an increase in the number of customers and the warm weather provides opportunity to show the new piece off. So why is it that tattoo artists are saying the best time to get a tattoo is in the fall/winter?

Tattoo artists admit that during upcoming months they see fewer people coming through their doors for tattoos. Why? Because when it gets colder, people just want to wrap up and stay warm. The summer however proves to be the complete opposite. With plenty of opportunity to wear less clothing and show off more skin it’s only natural that you should want to get your tattoo then.

photo-1531852855896-94f2949b34feIt’s comforting receiving positive feedback about your tattoo and it feels good to know that your art work is being noticed. During the winter it’s more difficult and the thought of keeping it hidden for so long is something that some of us just can’t do.

Although the personal benefits and gratification of getting a tattoo in the summer are great, the health benefits aren’t.

pexels-photo-2867821.jpegExposing your tattoo can make it vulnerable to various environmental elements that can interfere with its healing. The biggest threat to your tattoo in the summer is the sun. Its UV rays can have an effect on the ink and cause it to fade.

Aside from that when you are hot you will sweat, this can cause the scab of your tattoo to become moist which can slow down the healing process. Other factors that may affect your tattoo through exposure is dust and dirt which can irritate the tattoo whilst healing.

tattoo-4394609_1280During the winter a tattoo is less likely to be exposed to the above elements as you are more likely to be covered up and less likely to sweat.

The cool dry air that comes with winter is believed to be better for the tattoo as it dries it out quickly allowing it to heal quickly.

gratisography-217HHaving said all of this it doesn’t mean that you should never get a tattoo during the summer. Just bear in mind what has been said and providing you look after it properly by protecting if from the sun, your tattoo should heal just fine.

A new tattoo should be treated as a wound to prevent it from becoming infected. You may not look at it like a wound but after having needles penetrate the skin over and over it most definitely is a wound. Keep your tattoo well protected and ensure that you follow aftercare instructions given to you by your tattoo artist.

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