Studio Rules

There are few things you should know to make your experience – best experience.

  • A “tat” can be drawn in 5 minutes. Real designs takes time.
  • 200 RMB min. deposit required on appointments and custom designs. (NO refunds on cancellation)
  • Please listen when I give you advice. I’m only trying to make your tattoo look better.
  • If you want respect, show us respect.
  • If you are pregnant, drunk, flying up high, sick, loud, rude or looking for a deal… Come back when you are not. (Non-Negotiable)
  • Sit down – Stay still – Relax.
  • Please take care of your tattoo and follow aftercare instructions, if you don’t, consequences are on you.

To my wonderful clients that already know these points, thank you. You are the reason why I still enjoy tattooing each day.

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